Connect to USFSM WiFi

Wireless access is provided to the guests of USFSM who do not have a NetID. Please follow the
instructions below to connect to the Guest Wireless Network. This process will work on all
devices, including mobile devices.

This registration will last for 24 hours and is valid for 1 device.

  1. Open your list of wireless connections.
  2. Select USF‐Guest.
  3. Open your web browser.
  4. Navigate to any website.
    • You will automatically be redirected to a “Guest Registration” page.
  5. Select your preferred method of contact on the “Guest Registration” page.
    • It is recommended that you choose Send me a text message.
  6. Click Agree to the “Acceptable Use Policy” to continue.
    • After a short waiting period (about 5 minutes), you will receive a temporary
      access code.
  7. Reopen your web browser accessed from step #4.
  8. Enter your Mobile Number, regardless of the device used to register.
  9. Enter Registration Code received.
  10. Click Submit.

You should now be connected to USF‐Guest.