WPCampus 2016 Blog

WPCampus “WordPress in Education” Survey

WPCampus is surveying the educational community to learn how schools and campuses use WordPress and manage their website development. Our goal is to aggregate a useful dataset for anyone using or considering using WordPress in an educational setting, and we’d love to include your feedback in our results. The larger the data set, the more we all benefit.

This survey is no longer available.

The survey has a unique format: participants can opt to answer any or all of five sections, so you can choose which questions you feel qualified to answer. The sections include:

  • How Do You Use WordPress on Campus
  • Site Demographics, Traffic, and Data
  • Plugins, Themes, and Features
  • Security, Performance, and Hosting
  • Your Team Structure & Workflows

Most respondents complete the survey in 5-10 minutes.


What’s in it for you?

Participants who complete at least four of the survey sections will receive their choice of a $5 Starbucks or Amazon gift card. You’ll also be entered to win a free ticket to this year’s WPCampus conference.

Perhaps the biggest benefit to those of you who love analytics: just for participating, you’ll receive a copy of the anonymized, aggregated data – a wealth of information about how the community is using WordPress.

How We’ll Use The Data

The results will be used to publish a series of reports on the state of WordPress in public schools and in higher education. Contact information will only be used for those who choose to receive a gift card and enter the raffle. The data will not be used in any other manner. No personal information or institutional names will be released without consent.