Books and Blogs: Developing the Digital Humanities with WordPress

Marrying the liberal arts to information technology is no easy task. Instructors and technologists alike abhor technology tools that feel shoehorned into a course, to be used more for the sake of being “21st century” than to improve student learning. However, in many courses, WordPress offers a platform that not only transforms learning, but provides students with valuable skills upon graduation.

In this session, we’ll share stories from the humanities courses we’ve woven WordPress into and our process for teaming with instructors to establish learning goals, develop new assignments and teach students to understand and use WordPress. We’ll showcase examples from courses across the curriculum that engage students in writing for the web, socially annotating images, digitally archiving physical works and building interactive timelines.

We’ll also delve into the technical details used to make these projects happen. Attendees will have access to the documentation and in-class workshop plans developed to get first-time users comfortable with WordPress.

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